“Late have I loved Thee”

“Late have I loved Thee”

By Zaira H. Reyes

As soon as we read the title of this book, we think of St. Augustine’s Confessions, especially on this expression of his after having made the unique and personal encounter with the God of Love.

The popular author Joan Foo Mahony, shares her own “confession” and spiritual journey back to that “Beauty ever ancient and ever new”. Her story is an honest and unabashed look at herself in this earnestly personal book about her spiritual trek back to God. Joan invites us to tread this path gently with her. Written with Joan’s usual panache, wit and style, she records her own ‘Confessions’ as to how and why, just as in the case of the Biblical Parables of the Prodigal Son and the Lost Sheep, she was able to find and receive the perfect and infinite love of God.

The front cover of this “Confessions” tends to catch the eye, due to the colors, the bees, and the honeycomb of this original painting by Tan Lim Heng, painted for this book. But both the gold color and the bees talk to us about God’s love because His love is more precious and more valuable than gold and sweeter than honey. In Joan’s words, “the sweet taste of the Scriptures lingers in our mouths and makes us long for more”. The honeycomb with its repeated cluster of hexagon-shaped cells; the perfect shape with the strength and efficiency to hold together the bee’s golden honey nectar is symbolic of the sweet and gentle character of Jesus Christ and God’s word which is portrayed as the product of a honeycomb.

While I was reading the deeply personal Testimonial of Joan, I couldn’t help but notice, as she also did, that her life has been pursued in different ways by the “Hound of Heaven” yet when she decided to let Him in, His love filled her life, her thoughts, her actions and her whole life changed. Her journey began with solid Catholic education, and now after her living experience with God, through her two latest books, “Millennials Meet Mary” and “Late Have I Loved Thee”, she is giving back to Catholic higher education, so that others may also become instruments of God’s love.

Who’s Joan Foo Mahony?

Joan is an author of many books and her array of subject matters is as catholic in its universality as much as Joan is herself a Catholic in her faith. Aside from writing, Joan is also the Publisher and Editor of more than 12 books with her own publishing company, JF Publishing.

Joan’s generosity has led her to ensure that 100% of the proceeds from her last two books, “Millennials Meet Mary” and “Late Have I Loved Thee, benefit the Regina Apostolorum mission. This is the author’s way of giving a part of herself and her talents back to God.

To purchase “Late have I loved Thee” or “Millennials Meet Mary” for yourself or your friends and so help support the Regina Apostolorum mission, follow this link: https://millennialsmeetmary.com/shop/

We are deeply grateful to Joan for her generosity and enthusiasm in participating in our mission of evangelization of culture, both through her recent books, talents as well as through her financial support.

We thank each of you as well for your participation in our mission!

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