Scholarships are instruments in service of the mission of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum (APRA) and are awarded to students from around the world who are in need but seek academic excellence.

Thanks to the contribution of our benefactors, each year there are numerous scholarships available for students, with various access paths.

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Regina Apostolorum Scholarships

Opportunities offered by third parties

Scholarship Program in Europe and Canada (IFHIM)

Königstein im Taunus, Germania

Subject: Higher degree courses in theology and philosophy at church faculties and universities.

Requirements: Religious people, priests and lay people.

Priority is given to future seminary trainers, novice masters, personnel of the ecclesiastical courts.

Vatican City

Requirements: Mentor presentation letter and approved thesis outline. More consideration of the topic Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI.

Essen, Germany

Subject: : Postgraduate Courses Applications that reflect: ‘Signs of the times’, lines from the Second Vatican Council and the Aparecida Conference.

Requirements: Religious people, members of congregations, priests, lay people.

London, United Kingdom

Subject: Mental health; Technology and coding; Teaching; Climate studies

Requirements: 1. Being over 16 years of age; 2. Those in a country subject to trade restrictions with the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia cannot apply. 3. FutureLearn will not accept applications automatically generated by a computer, completed in bulk or which are incomplete. 4. There is a limit of one application per person. Applications on behalf of another person and joint submissions will not be accepted. 5. FutureLearn reserves all the rights to disqualify or reject your application if your conduct is contrary to the spirit or intention of the scholarship.

Oakland, California

Subject: Degree in Italian Studies.

Requirements: Being Catholic, of Italian descent, living in the Diocese of: Arizona, California, Illinois or Nevada.

Fundación Cristo Sacerdote

Mexico City, Mexico

Subject: Degree and Doctorate

Requirements: Mexican diocesan priests

Munich, Germany

Subject: Pastoral care, spirituality, theology, philosophy, training courses (also non-academic) that support the mission and self-sufficiency of the local church.

Requirements: Priests, religious people (only if they have completed the canonical novitiate year), lay people working for the Church.

Chester, Pennsylvania

Subject: Studying in Rome

Requirements: Seminarians, priests, nuns and lay people from disadvantaged countries.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II , 294 00186 Rome, Italy

Subject: Important principles: recognition of human dignity, the importance of the rule of law, limited government, religious freedom and freedom in economic life. Calihan Academic Grants: theology, philosophy, history, law, politics, economics. Novak Award: the relationship between religion, economic freedom and a free and virtuous society.

Requirements: Candidates should have studied theology, religion, philosophy, history, law, politics, economics or related fields. They must show the potential to contribute to the progress of a free and virtuous society. Calihan Academic Grants: Seminarists and graduate students currently enrolled. Novak Award: current doctoral students or those who have obtained a doctorate within the last five years.

Rome, Italy

Subject: For those who intend to pursue university studies. Research scolarships are awarded to candidates who have obtained a PhD or other equivalent qualification. Grants are awarded on projects lasting up to three years and are subject to annual review.

Requirements: Italian citizens, holding a university degree, being guided in their research by professors from Italian universities, Christian training, commitment in forms of apostolate.

Mexico City, Mexico

Subject: Degree, Doctorate.

Requirements: Mexican diocesan priests residing in the Mexican College in Rome

Montevideo, Uruguay

Subject: Doctorates, masters, specialisations and diplomas. Any discipline in the exact, social and human sciences, education, cultural management and the arts.

Requirements: Uruguayan students.

Priority beneficiaries are Uruguayan citizens of African descent.

United States of America

Subject: Postgraduate courses abroad at a recognised university.

Requirements: Indian students.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Subject: Be enrolled at an accredited university in the autumn semester of 2022.

Requirements: Be over 18 (or have turned 18 by the deadline); letter of acceptance from the academic institution.


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