Biomedi@ – Bioethics and mass media

The members of this group have different professional profiles (bioethicists, communication professionals, journalists, physicians, researchers, university teachers, and biologists) and come from such institutions as: Faculty of Bioethics, Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum (APRA); CNR/CERIS (national research council/institute for economic research on firms and growth); Associazione Stampa Medica Italiana (ASMI, association of Italian medical press); Gruppo Uffici Stampa (GUS, group of press offices); and Federazione Nazionale della Stampa Italiana (FNSI, national federation of Italian press).


Biomedi@ fosters and disseminates the culture of correct and impartial information, especially on bioethical issues.

Key goals

  • gaining greater insight into the world of information/communication: impact, dynamics, strategies, ethical and sociological aspects, etc.;
  • critically analysing the ways in which mass media communicate bioethical issues and promoting proper information in this regard, especially among communication professionals;
  • helping strengthen the use of available tools to effectively communicate ideas and beliefs on matters of bioethics.


Who we are and what we do at  Biomedi@



1- Research

2- Publications

3- Monitoring of journalistic communication and updating of the relevant database

4- Education and training courses

5- Conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops

6- Other dissemination activities

7- Prizes and awards.


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