Guide to pre-enrolment/admission/enrolment

Reduction of academic fees (RTA)

Enrolment in years following the first one

Enrolment as an auditor/guest student

Admission for enrolment in the programmes offered by the Athenaeum

Online admission

Online admission procedure:

  • for students wishing to enrol in the Athenaeum for the first time;
  • for students who completed a cycle/programme of studies in previous academic years and who wish to enrol in a higher-level course or in a new Faculty/Institute.

N.B. You are NOT allowed to enrol in multiple courses or programmes in the same academic year by using the online admission procedure. Please use the admission form in paper format.

Self-certification of educational qualifications

Italiano; Español; English

Enrolment in optional courses and workshops/seminars

Change of subject within the set deadline

Recognition of credits – application forms for validation, exemption, and subject replacement

Forms for cessation or suspension of studies

Application for review of a written exam or paper

Late activities


Miscellaneous guides

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