Petition of certificates and diplomas

Petition of certificates and diplomas

The request for certificates and/or diplomas on parchment can be made in two ways:

  • from your SELF-SERVICE AREA (Area Riservata)
    • or enter the “Servizi per gli studenti” tab and then select “Richiesta Certificati”.

at the counter of the General Secretariat

  • or Monday  and Tuesday 11:00-13:00
  • or Thursday 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-15:306:00

If you do not remember your login credentials, you can request them from [email protected].

Instructions for application

  • An application form is required for each academic program.
  • A maximum of three certifications can be requested on the application form.
  • To request more than three certifications per academic program, you must fill out a new form.
  • The shipment of more than three certificates must be indicated when filling in the last form, including the tickets referring to the previous requests, received via email.


  • Payment can be made by credit card after completing the form or alternatively, by bank transfer or directly at the counter (table of certified costs).
  • We remind you that until payment is received you will not be able to process your request.
  • Requests whose payment is not received within 30 days will be cancelled.
  • In the case of payment by bank transfer it is necessary to indicate in the reason for payment the information contained in the confirmation e-mail received after completing the form.
  • If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, please check in the junk mail (SPAM).

Collection and shipping times

  • Certificates can be collected from the 6th working day from the day of payment of the request.
  • You can collect the parchments as of the 30th working day from the day of payment of the request.
  • The request for a translation of the certificates will considerably extend the time taken to prepare the certificate. It is not guaranteed that the translated document will be issued within 60 working days of the request.
  • The time required for document endorsements does not depend on the University, but on the availability of the Embassies. We do not guarantee the delivery of the stamped document before 60 working days from the request.
  • The parchment diploma is issued in a single copy and can only be sent by Express Courier.


FAQ APRA Certifications



For further information or doubts you can write to the e-mail address: [email protected] or call 06 91689812.



Pre-enrolment certificate Free of charge
Simple registration certificate (1st issue) Free of charge
Simple registration certificate 10.00
Certificate of registration with special text 15.00
Certificate of subjects supported 15.00
Certificates of enrolment a. a. in progress + subjects sustained 15.00
Simple printing of supported materials  5.00
Certificate of qualification

N.B. For titles issued in ECTS, where possible, it includes the Diploma Supplement (The first Certificate of Obtaining Title, without Diploma Supplement, is free of charge) The Diploma Supplement is issued only for academic degrees and titles from the year 2005.

Translation of the certificate/diploma (English, Spanish)   20.00
Diploma in parchment doctorate  130.00
Diploma in parchment license  120.00
Baccalaureate parchment diploma  110.00
Diploma master/diploma  90.00
Diploma course ISSR  25.00
Certificate of participation with ECTS (1st issue)  Free of charge
Certificate of participation with ECTS  30.00
Compliant copy of academic program (per cycle)  20.00
Compliant copy of APRA certifications  10.00
Certificate declaration of legal status Athenaeum  10.00
Certificate Nulla Osta  10.00
Certificate Administrative regularity  10.00
Cost of certified endorsement c/o Holy See  20.00
Cost of certified endorsement c/o Embassy (Holy See)  50.00
Cost of diploma endorsement c/o Holy See  30.00
Diploma endorsement cost c/o embassy (Holy See)  50.00
Insured mail (no parchment, only certifications)  10.00
Express courier insured for Italy  30,00
Express courier insured for Europe  40.00
Express courier insured for the rest of the world  55.00

* Translation requests of the certificates involves a considerable extension of the preparation time of the Certificate. We do not guarantee that the translation can be completed in less than two months

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