Joint Diploma in Women and Church

June 19th – July 3rd 2021

Registration deadline: 05 june 2021

Joint Diploma in Women and Church
Institute of Higher Studies on Women

The Church is Woman!

– Pope Francis


The Joint Diploma in Women and Church - in ITA, ENG and ESP promotes the importance of the contribution of women in the Church - an increasingly topical issue also shared by Pope Francis - and effective cooperation between women and men in different ecclesial environments, and between different vocations and charisms, taking into account the theological, anthropological, historical, canonical and pastoral into the diversity of cultures and geographical areas.

The horizon in which this reflection is placed is that of an “outgoing” Church, called to a missionary conversion of structures.

This Diploma is a shared initiative between the Institute of Higher Studies on Women of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum and several important institutions at national level, such as:

  • the Pontifical Urbaniana University
  • the Pontifical Salesian University
  • the Pontifical University Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences “Auxilium”
  • the Institute of Theology for Consecrated Life “Claretianum”

With the patronage of the Rectors Conference of Roman Universities and Pontifical Institutions (CRUIPRO) and the Academia de Lideres Catolicos.

The Course


  • Aims to address and recognize the role of women in this context;
  • Follows the dynamics of listening, discerning and acting.
  • Languages: English, Italian and Spanish;
  • 36 hours of frontal lessons and 15 hours of group workshops or round tables, corresponding to 4 ECTS;
  • Provides admission only for those with a three-year degree.

Who is it for?

Is dedicated to priests, religious and laity (men and women) engaged in the ecclesiastical sphere at the curial, diocesan, academic level, or in training roles in the various forms of consecrated or associative life, who want to activate processes in these areas to promote greater collaboration between men and women.


When: June 19th – July 3rd 2021

  • from 15:00 to 20:00 CEST (Rome)
  • from 9:00 to 14:00 EDT (New York)

Registration deadline: June 5th 2021

Participation fee: 200,00 € (Participation fee for students of the Pontifical Universities: 150,00 €)

Translation: into Spanish and English is expected for those who request it by June 16, 2021.

Information and Contacts: 346 2856633