Multimedia Forum – Program

Multimedia Forum – Program




From reality shows to virtual realities

14 Aprile 2011, 9 am – 7 pm


Moderator: a Showman

 Introduction  “What does communication mean?” Rev. Rector Pedro Barrajon LC

1° Session: Reality TV

  • “Big Brother: Tv you don’t see in Tv”.  Marisa Casciola, director of 11 Big Brother in Italy (she is called The Big Sister). Backstage of the  Reality who has changed the way of entertainment. Reality as a  social community through  voting blog, SMS.
  • Story from The Big Brother
  • Video
  • “In Tv to be someone”. Prof. Saverio Fiz, psycologist, new generation and new show off, competitiveness and success, identity and self esteem. The children of the elecronic nanny.
  • “Format mentis”:  Tv  format, (television program whose contents and branding are copyrighted) are global in character. However, there is a danger of the “homogenization” of culture and taste. Has Tv format  transcended cultures, growing and creating a global taste? How do you create a global product?
  • Youtube-Selected Student. Challenges users to make a good video – suggested by Google.
  • “Forma mentis”: the rediscovery of wonder. Pontificio Consiglio per la Cultura  wonder is able to inspire and change a person from inside. How to wonder-fill with wonderfull.

2° Session: Electronic Globe 

  • “I love internet”: Wired Italia. It launched The Manifesto to nominate Internet for The Nobel Peace Prize. Openness, acceptance, discussion and participation are the qualified presentation of the “candidate”.
  • “Google the world”: Google, Dott. Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, VP Europe, Middle East, North Africa. What to admire about internet? The real mission of Google for future generation. The battle to dominate Internet Economy. Who will dominate in the war of the web? Strategy into new fields of battle.
  • Three minutes breakdown: Love games video performance-Selected Student: Milo, the virtual friend and Wii experience.
  • “Love game: psychologist advice”. Look at the online-game culture. They are simpler than real life. Kids are ‘locked’ to computers and play stations.
  • “Rediscovery of wonder” The power of story-teller. From Lewis Caroll and JRR Tolkien.
  • Facebook:The growing influence of social network. The need to communicate-Selected Student: Seven out of the world’s 15 most trafficked Internet sites are social site. Privacy is and will likely remain an important focus of concern for social network users.
  • Three minutes breakdown: Internet and Feelings-Selected Student: The emotional part of the web through snapshots of the writer feelings.
  • Three- minute breakdown:music in the internet age-Selected Student.
     Electronic music: music with no instrument.
  • Three- minute breakdown. Instrumental guitar: assolo.
  • “Artificial Intelligence”. Christopher Poll, CEO, FUTURE ROUTE UK, definition of A.I. and its field of research. Can a computer think and take self-decision and be independent from their creators?
  • MyQuiz1: SMS new language.
  • My Quiz2: Guess web icons.
  • “The web, the world of Avatar and multiple identities”. Why build a virtual world? Avatars,  graphic identities used in a virtual world inhabited by millions and other Internet applications, have become the latest popular online innovation, thanks to the growing popularity of SecondLife.
  • “In Media stat Virtus”. Monsignor Paul Tighe, Pontificio Consiglio delle Comunicazioni Sociali

New media networks break isolation and open people to dialogue. We also have to face:  digital divide, right to privacy, copywriter, pornography, wrong messages, info-ethic advise. Is internet really open-minded? Is Internet the symbol of democratic societies?

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