APRA Friends – Private event


In the occasion of our Institution’s 30th Anniversary, we would like to celebrate with you, our Friends, this important milestone and thank God for these three decades of dedication to the mission of forming evangelisers to spread the values of the Gospel in different cultural contexts.

The evening will be an opportunity to reunite and also participate exclusively in the opening of the monographic exhibition ‘ART FOR GOD Harmony & Spirituality’ by our dear lecturer Fr. Joseph Tham LC.

This event aims to be a celebratory moment of sharing for:

  • networking and consolidating collaboration with the various invited institutions to develop new opportunities for the Pontifical Athenaeum’s institutional projects
  • acquire funds for new scholarships for students with financial difficulties thanks to the sale of the works of P. Tham
  • awarding the new Alumni Award for Academic Excellence
  • visit, by reservation, the Exhibition of the Shroud with dedicated Guide

The resources raised from this solidarity campaign will be allocated to the Good Samaritan Fund and will be used in accordance with the guidelines established in the related call.

Please view the catalog of the monographic exhibition “ART FOR GOD Harmony & Spirituality” by our dear lecturer Fr. Joseph Tham LC at the following link and with a click on the following image:


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For information about the event: segreteria.rettorato@upra.org


Inspired by the words of the Rector

Our institution has its roots in Pentecost, because it is part of the «river of new life that comes from the origins, from Christ to us, and involves us in the history of God with humanity».

More specifically, it is part of the rich tradition of academic institutions born ex corde Ecclesiae to evangelize culture. A task that remains more relevant than ever, because, as Pope Francis pointed out, universities play a fundamental role in evangelization. Facilitating the encounter between faith, reason and science contributes to the development of a new discourse of credibility and an original apologetics that allows the message of the Gospel to be accessible to the world today. …

… It is essential to continue to form in their entirety persons, clerics and laity, who assume the new leadership that society needs. We must form people with an attitude of service and with the skills necessary to ensure that the values of the Gospel express their richness and become a reference point for the development of all individuals and for society.

During the Academic Year 2023/2024, the University celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its erection and we celebrate three decades of existence not only looking to the past, we also do so with an eye to the present and the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God and all those who have worked for this institution with effort, sacrifice, generosity and a deep sense of mission.


(Address of the Rector -Inauguration of the A.A. 2023/2024)


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