Contributi dagli studenti: The Sharp Light

The Sharp Light
a cura di Darren Wallace, LC

Thy Kingdom Come!

The Sharp Light

A light so sharp it blinded the night; was born into the dark,

To envelop us all in his fiery love, to leave an indelible mark.

No night so cold, no dark so dim, was ever seen before,

When this sharp light, is sealed from sight, its fire I see no more.

This sharp light, doth lead to flight; all terror, worry, fears.

Its sharpness cuts away my doubt, its light it dries my tears.

As the sun shines out, and brings about, life to every hedge and tree,

So my sharp light, is my food of delight, the cause which brought me to be.

My sharp light cuts through my soul, impurities are consumed in his touch,

It is not by fear, but by hope in his love, that he asks me to carry so much.

This sharp light, did once pierce the night, the darkness of my soul,

And buried deep, though my heart was asleep; a treasure which would take its toll.

For the treasure would grow, its weight would increase, as I gazed on the fire within,

And so I so need, to ever more feed, from the light which never grows dim.

Though my sharp light, is not seen as sunlight, which guides men to walk by the day,

It guides men in its truth, and the sharp light of his youth, to banish all evil away.

Now this sharp light, the Word in the night, entered the song as a boy,

Creation did sing, his glory did ring, his birth into death was a joy.

From his crib to his cross, the same wood would be used; this wood he offers to me,

To carry this light, far into the night, whatever the sacrifice may be.

Tis this sharp light, which came to conquer the night; through the “Fiat” a man to be,

Though his power is all, he chose to be small, a babe in Bethlehem we see.

He is not dull as the world, for his sharpness is furled; now seen like a crust of bread,

For in seeming so weak, in freedom we seek, and choose by the light to be lead.

This light is not dim, though I squint to find him; my senses overwhelmed yet again,

In my dark night, I see my sharp light: the Almighty, the Father. Amen.

But now we now see, this sharp light in you and me, if we choose to open to the Son,

For there he comes to tell, as in the cave he did dwell, “Father thy will be done”.

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