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Life Together:

Science, Philosophy and Theologysaggi18

On the Relational Character

Of Living Beings

  Edited by Alfonso Aguilar and Rafael Pascual Collana: Scienza e Fede - Saggi nº 18 Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum - IF Press ISBN: 978-88-6788-003-4 pagg. 238 formato: 17x24 stampa: luglio 2016 - € 20,00


In recent decades there has been a growing interest and focus on symbiosis and relationality in sciences, philosophy, and theology. The former ‘atomistic’ worldview in which things were examined in their individuality, as if they were somehow isolated and independent, and in which the concept of substance prevailed, is fading away in favor of an all-encompassing and synthetic understanding of reality, in which things are examined in their interconnectedness and in which the concept of relation is highlighted. This volume intends to be a contribution to this new worldview.

In this book the relationship between life and togetherness is studied from the points of view of biology, neurology, psychotherapy, anthropology, bioethics, law, business, Greek literature, music, philosophy, and theology. Each chapter is the result of a particular discipline and is introduced by a meaningful quotation that offers a hint to the main thesis advanced by the author.

The Authors: This book is co-authored by various members of the International Research Group 'The Organism in Interdisciplinary Context', who have worked at the Pontifical University 'Regina Apostolorum' (Rome) as the leading pole for biology within the STOQ Project (Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest).

The research group focuses on the concept of organism at the crossroad of science, philosophy and theology, exploring the possibility of enucleating a concept of organism sharable in an interdisciplinary context. Their converging research has produced a series of seminars and conferences as well as the publication of three books on the organism in an interdisciplinary context, the definition of death, and the relationship between life and organism.

Table of Contents:

Introduction. Alfonso Aguilar, Life and Relationality, p. 5


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About the Authors, p. 235

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