Press Accreditation for the Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation Course

Press Release “Press Accreditation for the Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation Course” Rome, March 30th, 2018. From May 6th to 11th, the 14th Course on Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation will be held at the pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome. The course, organized by the Sacerdos Institute of the Athenaeum and the GRIS (Group for Socio-religious Research and Information), is the first in the world and proposes a careful, multidisciplinary academic research on the ministry of exorcism and prayer of liberation. In this year’s edition, two main innovations will be introduced: ecumenical in-depth analysis and testimonies about exorcism coming from the 5 continents. The course is aimed at offering a rich and articulate reflection about a subject that receives too little or, sometimes, controversial attention: the ministry of exorcism and the prayer of liberation. The press will be exclusively allowed to participate in the course opening on May 6th, from 9.00 until the 11.00 break after requesting and obtaining the necessary accreditation as follows:
  • Send an accreditation request to with name and surname of the journalist, as well as of the team assisting the journalist, mailing address and telephone number, before April 15th.
  • The press office of the Athenaeum will communicate acceptance or refusal of the accreditation requests by April 18th.
  • Only the press members who have received accreditation can have access to the reception desk (opening at 8.00) and receive all the necessary information.
  • Those accredited can only participate in the conferences taking place on the first day from 9.00 until break. After that, the journalists will have to leave the conference hall, which will be reserved for the registered participants.
  • At 11.00 the journalists accredited can participate in the round table with some members of the course board.
  Interviews: After receiving accreditation via e-mail, we will propose a scheduling of interviews (on the basis of subjects, languages and days of the course). It is severely prohibited to do interviews without the required authorization or outside of the dedicated areas.   In the conference hall, video/audio recordings and photographs are severely prohibited. Any breach will result in the removal of the person from the Athenaeum and the deletion of the video/audio recordings or photographs.   Communication Officer Emiliana Alessandrucci +39 06 91689683 Via degli Aldobrandeschi 190, 00163 Roma

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