Stanley Jaki: Science and Faith in a Realist Perspective

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Alessandro Giostra

Stanley Jaki: Science and Faith in a Realist Perspective

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This collection of essays deals with Jaki’s key ideas. His conclusions can be considered a confutation of the dogmatic assumptions of naturalistic scientism, and a debunking of simplistic reconstructions based on mainstream viewpoints. So this book proves helpful to readers who aim at acquiring an unbiased knowledge of the science-faith interaction.

Alessandro Giostra is a teacher of Philosophy and History in Italian high schools. Author of about 170 publications (books and articles), he has a long-standing interest in the relationship between science and Christian faith. That is why Jaki’s thought has occupied a prominent place in his personal research.


Stanley L. Jaki (1924-2009), a Hungarian-born Catholic priest of the Benedictine Order, was Distinguished University Professor at Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. With doctorates in theology and physics, for over forty years he specialized in the history and philosophy of science. The author of over fifty books and about four hundred articles, he served as Gifford Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and as Fremantle Lecturer at Balliol College, Oxford. He lectured at major universities in the United States, Europe, and Australia. He was an honorary member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, a membre correspondant of the Académie Nationale des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts of Bordeaux, and the recipient of the Lecomte du Nouy Prize for 1970 and of the Templeton Prize for 1987. The list of his books includes The Relevance of Physics (1966), Science and Creation: From Eternal Cycles to an Oscillating Universe (1974), The Road of Science and the Ways to God (1978), The Savior of Science (1988), Genesis 1 Through the Ages (1992), Bible and Science (1996), Means to Message: A Treatise on Truth (1999), Questions on Science and Religion (2004).


Table of Contents:

Preface 11
Acknowledgements 13
Introduction 15
1. From Győr to Madrid: a biographical sketch of Father Stanley Jaki 29
2. Science, faith and the impassable divide in Stanley Jaki’s thought 47
3. Stanley Jaki and Galileo Galilei 63
4. Stanley Jaki and the errors of Hegelian idealism 73
5. Stanley Jaki’s criticism of Platonic philosophy 85
6. Medieval Islamic cosmologists in Jaki’s works 97
7. Science and Creation: From Eternal Cycles to an Oscillating Universe 115
8. Benedict XVI and the limits of scientific learning 121
Bibliography 135
Index of Names 141

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