Tour2France 2023

  From July 15 to 23, Tour2France will be back, our cycling initiative in favor of students who would like to continue their studies at our Pontifical Athenaeum but, due to economic difficulties, cannot afford to pursue their education. The 2023 edition will start from St. Peter’s Square, and its final destination will be in France, at the Shrine of Our Lady of Laus. Our Alumnus, Fr. Clemens, will guide the Tour again this year. The Team will bring together charity, sport and spirituality throughout the route of over 600 miles.   An edition full of opportunities and challenges, among vertiginous slopes and breathtaking views of the Alps, that our Team will be ready to face to ensure support for those in need, thus making itself a spokesman for the words of Pope Francis: HONESTY – Sport is honesty and respecting the rules. Taking a shortcut is a temptation we are often faced with in life. We think it’s the quickest and easiest solution, but it nearly always has a negative outcome. Shortcuts are a way of cheating the cards. COMMITMENT – The parable of the talents (Mt 25: 14-30) helps us understand this: the servant who buried his talent is rebuked by his master not for stealing but because he didn’t make the most of what he had been given. In sports, having a talent is not enough to win: you have to cherish it, shape it, train it, and see it as an opportunity to seek and give the best of ourselves. SACRIFICE – “Sacrifice” is the term that sport shares with religion: “sacrum-facere” is making struggle holy. No one likes to struggle because it weighs you down. But if you can find meaning for the struggle, the weight feels lighter. Athletes are a bit like saints: they struggle, but it doesn’t weigh them down because they are able to see beyond the struggle, see something else. TEAM SPIRIT – No one saves themselves. We can take the example of Moses on the mountain when he asks God to save the people, not just himself (Ex 32). Using a sports metaphor, we could say that we can only save ourselves as a team. REDEMPTION – Simply dreaming of success isn’t enough; you have to wake up and work hard. That’s why sport is full of people who, with sweat dripping from their brow, have competed with those who were born with natural talent.

Excerpt from:  Papa Francesco alla Gazzetta: "Ecco i valori dello sport che amo" - La Gazzetta dello Sport

  Thus, the Tour becomes an opportunity to support the “Pedaling for Scholarships” Campaign aimed at providing scholarships for Athenaeum students and spreading the value of these initiatives that can promote the beauty of creation and solidarity sports. We invite everyone to follow the Tour daily on our channels (FB, Instagram and YouTube) to discover new landscapes, cultures and local traditions. We hope to collect more and more donations to offer more scholarships: “a small gesture for a great mission.” Help us and support Tour2France 2023 now with a donation to contribute to Scholarships for students in financial need. Let’s make these resources available to Scholarships for the 2023/2024 academic year as part of a major solidarity campaign for needy students. For info send an email to alumni@upra.org.  



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