The first theological cycle of education offers a comprehensive and structured exposure to Catholic doctrine and introduces students to the scientific methodology of theological research.

Students obtain their Baccalaureate in Theology after a three-year course, preceded by a two-year philosophical course. The total number of ECTS credits that are required to achieve the Baccalaureate, as established by the Congregation for Catholic Church, is 180.



The course is intended for priests, religious, lay people, and seminarians.

Learning objectives

The academic activities of the Faculty of Theology are expected to enable students to gain greater insight into the mystery of God and his plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, as revealed by the Sacred Scripture and faithfully handed on by the Church. Students may thus acquire a thorough knowledge of Catholic doctrine, learn how to clearly express and defend it, and establish a dialogue with other Christians and contemporary humankind. The Faculty provides students with the qualifications required to carry out various services within the Church, preparing them for teaching. To attain these objectives, the activities of teachers are based on the following guidelines:

  • presenting positive and speculative theology according to a structured system reflecting the order and unity of the truths of faith, starting from the Revelation;
  • based on Christ’s word, shedding light onto temporal realities, taking into account the needs of contemporary humankind;
  • placing emphasis on the Magisterium of the Church that, by God’s will, is the custodian of the revealed truths for the good of the people of God;
  • providing a clear and comprehensive picture of core subjects, focusing on the theological doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas; the objective is to teach theology by promoting a greater understanding of Christian experience.

List of thesis topics for the final Baccalaureate exam

DATE:October 2nd – June 22th 2024 (exams included)



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