Students attending the second-cycle course in religious sciences will be awarded a Licentiate (Master’s Degree). The course involves a total of 120 ECTS credits, distributed over two academic years.

The Licentiate Course in Religious Sciences provides students with advanced qualifications to carry out high-level activities in specific fields. Students may select one of the following specialist branches of study:

  1. course in pedagogy and teaching: for those wishing to become teachers of religion in schools of all types and levels;
  2. course in pastoral care in education: for clerics, religious, and consecrated people wishing not only to devote themselves to pastoral ministry, but also to work as formators in religious communities or seminaries;
  3. course for faith formators: a flexible course on pastoral, liturgical, and catechetical topics for students wishing to work as Christian leaders in society.

Requirements for admission

You may attend the Master’s Degree Course in Religious Sciences if you have gained a Baccalaureate in Religious Sciences or equivalent qualifications.

Enrolments: from 5 June to 28 September 2018.


Annual fees: €820.00 – for enrolments within 15 Sep. 2018, a discount of €50.00 is granted on the first instalment of the 2018-2019 academic year.

Courses common to all branches of study are held on Thursday and Friday afternoon and cover the following disciplines:
• Methodology of scientific research
• Selected topics of systematic philosophy
• Selected topics of history of the Church
• Selected topics of moral theology
• Selected topics of bioethics
• Selected topics of dogmatic theology
• Selected topics of spiritual theology

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