Templates for publications

Templates for publications

Please use these templates (in Microsoft Word) for the preparation of written works required by the Athenaeum and of articles to be published in the Alpha Omega and Ecclesia journals.

If you have doubts about the style to be used for your written works or you need typographic indications, please refer to Metodologia del lavoro scientifico, APRA, Roma, 2004, A. MAROCCO (publisher).

If you have doubts about the style to be used for the Alpha Omega and Ecclesia journals, please contact the journal’s editorial office.

First cycle (Baccalaureate) and written works in general


Second cycle (Licentiate)                       


Third cycle (Doctorate)

Dissertation, first delivery to the Faculty Registrar’s Office

Dissertation, publication with Vidimus 1.2

Conference proceedings

Paper for conference proceedings

Alpha Omega journal

Alpha Omega article template 1.2

Alpha Omega article review/comments template 1.1

Ecclesia journal

Plantilla de Artículo para la revista Ecclesia


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