Tutorial Office 365

Here, you will find explanations and videos on how to use Office 365


To sign into the Office 365 platform, open your favourite browser and enter https://portal.office365.com into its address bar. Enter your username and password, and click on SIGN-IN. Now, you are in Office 365, which offers many new tools.

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Password change

To change your password, click on FORGOT PASSWORD and follow the relevant instructions.


To install the Office package, click on INSTALL OFFICE. The installation software will be downloaded to your DOWNLOAD folder. Open the folder and execute the SETUP file. After completing the installation process, you can use all the features of the Office package.


Office 365 provides you with OneDrive, a 1-TB space where you can store your data in a secure way. To use OneDrive, click on the icon and you will get a new tab on your browser. You can easily upload a single file or folder to OneDrive. Select UPLOAD FILE and browse the folders of your PC to identify the file to be uploaded, or drag your file to the appropriate space on the webpage. Within a short time, your file will be copied to the remote server and be always available for you through the Internet.

Outlook configuration

If you click on the Outlook icon, you will open the automatic configuration program. You will be asked to assign a name to your profile. Choose one and enter it. Then click on CONNECT. Your PC will ask you to accept the execution of the automatic configuration. Give your authorisation and proceed. Enter your password and click on OK.

After opening, Outlook will start downloading a local copy of your e-mails by synchronising your PC with the server.

To add an e-mail account other than the currently configured one, click on the menu, select FILE, and then select ADD ACCOUNT.

Enter the name of the additional profile, then enter your e-mail address in the form “your [email protected]” and your password, and confirm your password in the next field. Then, click on the FORWARD button. The profile has been configured. Click on the END button and then close Outlook and restart it to make the changes effective.

Now, you have access to two different e-mail accounts in the same Outlook profile. You can send a new message by selecting the recipient on the FROM drop-down menu.

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