Parental Responsibility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Parental Responsibility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Ronald Kigozi
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Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum
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Tesi dottorato - Bioetica
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This Doctoral Thesis Publication is intended to: a) Advocate a Parental Responsibility as a Principle to guide the correctness of ARTs and alternatives. b) Stimulate a «metanoia»—moral conversion and change of heart among present and future parents regarding their approach to ARTs. Today’s techno-era and highly pluralistic society has arrived at such a darkening of reason as to think that it is laws which establish the truth of things. Parenthood is in many cases today nolonger defined by nature but by law. It is being instrumentalised and reduced to a functional sense; resulting into a manifold of present and future bioethical dilemmas. Law has been transformed from a science that reads nature into a tool for manipulating reality. There is need to rediscover law as «an order inscribed upon physical and social realities» from where it should be translated into rules for life congenital to nature and thus to God’s will. Since it is possible for the past people to have wronged the present day people by their actions and choices, then those living in the past must have had moral obligations towards present-day people. Consequently, Future people have moral claims towards the currently living and the currently living have moral obligations and responsibilities towards the future people.

Dr. Ronald Kigozi is a priest for the Archdiocese of Kampala-Uganda. He holds a Licentiate in Philosophy from the Urban University-Rome and a Phd in Bioethics from Regina Apostolorum Pontifical European University-Rome. He is currently professor of Philosophy and Bioethics in St. Mbaaga’s Major Seminary-Ggaba.


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