Your Christmas gift can change a person’s world!

Your Christmas gift can change a person’s world!

Often we use to say, or we heard it said, that the world needs to change. Helping a person get through their studies will change their world, and in due time this person can change someone else´s world.

You could help give us a hand in changing the world one student at a time, beginning with supporting our scholarship fund and enhancing our commitment to spread love, wisdom and respect for perennial values.


This year more than 1300 Christian leaders, from all over the world, have been educated at our Pontifical Athenaeum in Rome. With the aim of helping such an international community bringing Christ to world, each year our benefactors and philanthropists support our institution by donating to scholarships for our most talented students. Their generosity is a huge commitment and we are all proud of it, but it isn’t covering even half of our need. You could change the world changing a person’s world.
Every day more and more communities across the planet are facing harsh situations: economic and spiritual impoverishment may dim the power of true joy and beauty, may present egoism as a more effective solution than solidarity, may let hate and materialism replace love and faith. We are called to educate more and more apostles of perennial values so to help humanity find in Christian leaders coherent points of reference for harmoniously combining science and faith, self-respect and defense of life.
That’s why, at Regina Apostolorum we need your help to start a Scholarship Fund: in this way we will be able to promote academic excellence and to deepen the impact of pioneering the truth. The average cost for the education of a student is of € 5,500. Would you help with your gift our students?
This Christmas you have the opportunity of changing a person’s world by being part of our charitable stewardship and support the impact of future Christian leaders.


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