Science and Faith in Stanley Jaki

Science and Faith in Stanley Jaki
Proceedings of the Summer Course
Lucía Guerra Menéndez, Rafael Pascual and Antonio Colombo (eds.)
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Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum – IF Press
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Scienza e Fede – Saggi
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192 pp
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This volume presents the proceedings of the Summer Course held in the San Pablo CEU University (Madrid) in collaboration with the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum (Rome), on July 11-13, 2011. The course was structured in three main parts, namely: a biographical presentation of Fr. Stanley L. Jaki; Fr. Jaki and Science; Fr. Jaki and Faith. As the course was both in English and Spanish, the texts presented in this volume are in these two languages. Contributions from Rafael Pascual, Antonio Colombo, John Beaumont, Paul Haffner, Jacques Vauthier, Leopoldo Prieto, Juan Arana, Beniamino Danese, Manuel Carreira, Angelo Bottone, Julio A. Gonzalo are included.

Fr. Stanley L. Jaki was born in 1924 in Hungary. After completing his theological studies in Rome, he moved to the United States. There he took a second degree in physics, with a thesis prepared under the direction of the Nobel Prize winner Victor Hess. His years of teaching caused him to face the problem of the relationship between science and faith, which he felt had largely historical roots. About the apparent conflict between science and the Christian religion, Fr. Jaki went on to show that modern science, far from being in conflict with religion, could only be born in the Christian Middle Ages, while it suffered monumental failures in all ancient civilizations. Fr. Jaki gave the Gifford Lectures in the years 1975/76 and received the Templeton Prize in 1987. Further works of Fr. Jaki cover a number of different subjects, including history of astronomy, various themes of theology, Pierre Duhem, Cardinal Newman, Chesterton, and others. He also translated a few significant works into English and founded a publishing house, Real View Books, to make available some out of print works he deemed important for the faithful. Fr. Jaki died in Madrid in 2009.

Table of Contents:

Presentación, Lucía Guerra Menéndez, p. 7
Introduction, Antonio Colombo, p. 9

1. Who was Fr. Jaki?, p. 13

1.1 El P. Stanley Jaki, maestro de vida, Rafael Pascual, p. 15
1.2 Ten Years with Fr. Stanley L. Jaki. A Memoir, Antonio Colombo, p. 23
1.3 Who was Fr. Jaki?, John Beaumont, p. 29

2. Fr. Jaki and Science, p. 35

2.1 The Limits of Science in Stanley Jaki, Paul Haffner, p. 37
2.2 Father Jaki and the Metaphysics of Numbers, Jacques Vauthier, p. 57
2.3 El drama de las cantidades, Leopoldo José Prieto López, p. 69
2.4 Pasado, presente y futuro de la teologĂ­a natural, Juan Arana, p. 91
2.5 Father Jaki and Science Education, Beniamino Danese, p. 109
2.6 La revolución post-renacentista: la nueva ciencia “Prof. Jaki and
Cosmology”, Manuel Carreira, p. 117
Apéndice: Calendario de fechas de interés científico, p. 131

3. Fr. Jaki and Faith, p. 133

3.1 Prof. Stanley Jaki and Cardinal Newman’s Challenge, Angelo Bottone, p. 135
3.2 Planck, Einstein y el Relativismo CientĂ­fico, Julio A. Gonzalo, p. 143
3.3 Fr. Stanley Jaki on Apologetics: The Book That Never Was, John Beaumont, p. 153
3.4 Stanley Jaki and Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Antonio Colombo, p. 167

Index of Names, p. 185

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