Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrencies. Will we know how to use them ethically? #AreWeReady?

Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrencies. Will we know how to use them ethically? #AreWeReady?

On 25 November 2021 beginning at 15:00 till 18:00 at the Aula Magna dell'Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum



ON CAMPUS – by writing to [email protected]


The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum intends to conduct an analysis on the development of Blockchain, NFT and Cryptocurrencies.

The developments of applications based on blockchain technologies have had in recent years a rapid acceleration. During the event we will go through the evolutionary stages of the topic, introduced for the first time in 2008*, in its various declinations, from the original peer-to-peer electronic currencies, to NFT, to Smart Contracts up to the current developments of international politics (for example the events that involved El Salvador and China).


To create an ethical culture with a Christian spirit regarding the use of blockchain technologies.


  • Define an ethical perimeter in the use of the emerging capacities deriving from the development of new technologies.
  • To promote the ethical use by the Catholic academic community of applications based on Distributed Technologies (DLT)
  • To propose innovative solutions for DLT applications in Catholic and academic fields
  • Develop targeted professionalism in the field by developing specialized training courses, exclusively for Pontifical Universities
  • Raise awareness of the start of a study phase that can involve the Catholic world on these issues, investing from information to training (Pope Francis).


Thursday, November 25, 2021 from 3pm to 6pm at the Aula Magna of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum.


  • free participation in presence upon accreditation subject to availability (write to [email protected])
  • live streaming through the main social channels of the Athenaeum (Facebook and YouTube)
  • simultaneous translation in English and Spanish through Zoom at this link
  • Press release with accreditation to the main sector media (economic, Catholic, academic)
  • In media partnership with



Moderator: Pietro Saccò (Journalist, Editor-in-Chief Avvenire)

Blockchain and Ethical Finance. What do we know about them?

  • 3:00pm Institutional Greetings – Prof. P. JosĂ© E. OyarzĂşn, LC (Magnificent Rector Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum) and Prof. P. Pedro Barrajòn, LC (Professor of Theology and Magnificent Rector European University of Rome)


  • 03:15pm Sharing information in order to elaborate ethical solutions from a Catholic point of view
    • The Philosophy of Money – Prof. P. Michael Ryan, LC (S.T.D. Ph.L., Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum)
    • Cryptocurrencies in the light of Catholic morality – Prof. P. D. Farrell, LC (Full Professor Faculty of Philosophy, Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum)
  • 03:45pm Introductory video on Blockchain technologies
  • 04:00pm NFT to protect cultural heritage: the case of the first religious heritage in NFT format Don Davide Baraldi (Parish priest of Santa Maria della CaritĂ  in Bologna)


Economic evolution, taxation and countering illegal activities

  • 04:15pm Monetary economics and cryptocurrencies G. Traficante (Professor of Economics, European University of Rome)
  • 04:30pm Support of DLT to the development of economic activities V. Fazio (Professor of Entrepreneurship and History of Made in Italy, European University of Rome)
  • 04:45pm – The activities to combat the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes – Maggiore Carlo Della Gatta (Head of Special Unit Currency Police of Guardia di Finanza)
  • 05:00pm Cryptocurrencies between money laundering risk and inclusion in tax return V. Vallefuoco


The word to the operators of the sector

  • 05:15pm The cryptocurrency and NFT market A. Ferrero (CEO Young Platform)
  • 05:30pm Blockchain for collective self-consumption and energy communities Dr. L. Colognola, (KPMG Advisory Associate Partner)
  • 05:45 Is there a strategic value in blockchain? The case of El Salvador M. Monaco (PWC Director & Crypto Leader Italy)


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