#EbookAPRA 2°, P. Michael Ryan “Pastoral Theology”

#EbookAPRA 2°, P. Michael Ryan “Pastoral Theology”

On 17 October 2022

Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum strongly believes in innovation. Digital communication and promotion strategies can be strengthened while maintaining its tradition and supporting more the main principle of the Athenaeum: evangelize culture.

Through EbookAPRA we want to enhance the quality of the educational offerings and currents of thought of the Athenaeum, enhancing the Teachers and the research activity of the academic area. Digitization allows for the rapid, manageable, effective and geographically limitless dissemination of culture, thus promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue and consequently the integral education of the person. It is thus intended to enhance the culture of digitization, keeping up with the times and its positive innovations, while remaining in full harmony with the tradition of the Athenaeum: evangelizing culture through digital tools.”

The second book in the #EbookAPRA series, entrusted to Fr. Michael Ryan and his “Pastoral Theology,” addresses issues of particular importance.


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