Wishbook Event – Sacerdos Institute

Wishbook Event – Sacerdos Institute

On 12 March 2022 beginning at 17:00

Presentation of our next courses and the testimonies of our fellows.

Live streaming via Zoom and Facebook

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Sacerdos Institute is an international academic institution that is engaged in continuing spiritual, theological, and pastoral education of priests, who are “consecrated to preach the Gospel and shepherd the faithful and to celebrate divine worship, so that they are true priests of the New Testament” (Lumen Gentium, 28.).

Each year, the Institute provides two courses that promote different aspects of pastoral charity:

  • International seminary formators’ course;
  • Holy Land priestly renewal course.


Institutional Greetings

  • P. José E. Oyarzún, LC (Magnificent Rector Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum)
  • P. Edward McNamara, LC (Sacerdos Institute Director)
  • P. Alex Yeung, LC (Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Director of International Seminary Formators’ Course )
  • P. Gonzalo Monzon, LC (Priestly renewal course in the Holy Land Director)

What is the impact of your donations?

  • P. Guy Basile Fouomene (Camerun)

The “voice” of our community:

  • P. Théophile Masenzi di Kikwit (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • P. G. Nambikkai Nathan (India)

A special thank you!

  • José Gomez (Centro LOGOS – Monterrey, Mexico)

Why your support is important?

  • Gabriel Pretus (The Friendly Hand)



Our commitment to offering an integral formation to our students is made possible through the generosity of those who support our work every day. Every donation, whether small or large, helps us to fund scholarships, support academic research, and further the development of our university. A heartfelt thank you to our benefactors!

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