“Millennials Meet Mary” In Support of the Regina Apostolorum mission

“Millennials Meet Mary” In Support of the Regina Apostolorum mission

“You can’t be married and live with someone who is Catholic and not be affected by it, presently in my case. My journey back to the faith has been so, but eventually I did come back to Jesus. Really it has been through His mother. I love Mary. Writing about her life has brought me so much closer to her Son.” 

Joan Foo Mahony


In this modern day and age, how do millennials meet Mary? Considering the Mother of Jesus died more than 2,000 years ago, some encounter her through prayers and devotions while others contemplate her through art from museums around the world. Millennials Meet Mary, is a compilation of Marian art reviews from 80 millennials in 42 countries. They each reflect on Jesus’ Mother from their various backgrounds, which Joan says is the “A to Z,” starting with Argentina and Armenia and ending with Zimbabwe.

“I wanted to tell the story of Mary unveiled through art and commented on by millennials all over the world. Hence the title which came to me almost at the beginning when I started to write the book and put together the concept in my mind – Mary, Art and Millennials,” said the author of Millennials Meet Mary, Joan Foo Mahony.

The author of Millennials Meet Mary, JOAN FOO MAHONY, calls herself ‘the only dinosaur’ in this book where its entire production, design, mass communications team, and the 80 young men and women from 42 countries writing their commentaries are Millennials—all interesting, accomplished, mindful and rare human beings.

Millennials in the group include H.H Prince Aaryaman of Gwalior, who also happens to be Mahony’s godson, actresses Raline Shah and Karen Mok, Filipinio athletes Ricci Rivero, Pauline Lopes and JohnVic de Guzman, Hong Kong pianist Rachel Cheung, Amenian violinist Astrid Poghosyan, Nathalie Biancheri the film director and many more. Among these Millennials we find also some of our alumni as Dr. Jennifer Miller, Assistant Professor, Yale University School of Medicine, Founder Bioethics International; members of our community as Martha Rodríguez Díaz, Founder Institute Higher Studies for Women (Rome); friends as Pat Fok, an internationally renowned photographer, author and philanthropist and Rosari Soentjoto, Chairman & Managing Capital Parter, New Eve Capital and Horacio Gomez, Entrepreneur & Founder of “Marian Steps” and “A Marian Minute”.

The millennial we find in this book are real persons from different countries, cultures, religions, languages but what all they have in common it’s that they ‘meet’ Mary. In this book we could see how their youthful honesty, insight and inspiration truly light up the world! This encounter with the Virgin Mary gives the book its life and breath. It’s a Reflections by a Millennial Generation on a Unique and Timeless Treasury of Art.


Joan wanted to not just narrate the story of Mary by revealing Mary’s life through magnificent artworks; she also wished to share this experience with (and involve) young people—a natural fit for Joan with her unusual background. A Malaysian who today lives in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Joan began her career as a corporate lawyer in Tokyo for 10 years, a period which was professionally exciting and culturally stimulating. Japan was followed by more years of lawyering in China, Hong Kong, New York City and Boston. Along the way, Joan acquired a remarkable international network of life-time friends. The ease with which Joan has assembled all 80 of Mary’s Millennials in this book stems from Joan’s firm and enduring friendships, her compassion and her generosity to share.

Joan’s generosity has led her to ensure that 100% of the proceeds from this book benefit the mission of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. This is the author’s way of giving a part of herself back to God, through the labor and beautiful works contained in this book.

To purchase “Millennials Meet Mary” for yourself or your friends and so help support the Regina Apostolorum mission, follow the following link: https://millennialsmeetmary.com/shop/

The book is also available in Spanish: link.

By donating the sales of her book Joan is supporting our Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum community, non-profit organization in Rome, to continue serving and forming apostles, men, and women around the world.  We are deeply grateful to Joan for her generosity and enthusiasm in participating in our mission, both through her book as well as though her financial support. We thank each you as well for your participation in our mission!


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